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How To Download and Play FULL FREE PSP GAMES Onto Your PSP

by on Feb.02, 2009, under Free PSP Downloads

This is my first video. (My English is not too good.) Things you already should have: * A PSP with ANY custom firmware on it * Enough memory on your memory stick ;) The things you need to do to DOWNLOAD the game(s): * Go to * Click on downloads * Fill in wich game you would like to download, and click on download * Click on the name of the game (in blue) * Fill in the 3-letter code (it’s always different). * Wait 45 or 25 seconds and click on free download. How to PUT THE GAMES ONTO YOUR PSP. * Open the (…).rar file with WinRar. * Drag the (…).CSO or (…).ISO file in the ISO map. * Quit the USB-mode * Go to ‘GAME’ (on ur PSP) * Go to Memory Stick (on ur PSP) Have Fun Playing! ;) Thanks For Watching!!!!

Duration : 0:6:1

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  • MahnicaxMonicaxoxo

    also does it matter …
    also does it matter if i have a version 5.01 ?

  • MahnicaxMonicaxoxo

    okay so i did …
    okay so i did everything you said to do. but i couldn’t find it on my psp. i did it twice but i could never find anything except i kept finding that i lost space on my psp each time. what should i do?
    how do i fix this?

  • Jeorey

    Hello This Is …
    o This Is Jeorey! I Have Made A Site Called ConsoleWorld!
    This Is The Site.Remove The -’s! ConsoleWorld.ucoz.-c-o-m/index/3
    This Site Provides.Free Games,HomeBrews,FirmWares,Portals And Pretty Soon
    Movies And Game Saves! You Must Register To Look On The Forums!After Regestration
    Go To Your Email And Click The Activation Link! The Have Fun! Please
    Comment On The Forum You Look At! Thanks Again. Sencerly Jeorey.

  • ybilal77

    THIS Is a GREAT …
    THIS Is a GREAT VIDEO. THAnks. Please watch my video too.

  • Tabes016

    minimalize it?
    minimalize it?

  • zZzBlooDxsHoTzZz


  • zZzBlooDxsHoTzZz

    yall niggas stupid …
    yall niggas stupid cuz this acctully workks

  • hollandertjk01

    Nope, that’s not …
    Nope, that’s not possible.
    You can download CFW for free, but you can create a pandora battery by your own. I’ll make a video soon how to do that.
    Then you can put games in your ISO folder (you get the map only if you have cfw).

  • 1896TilliDie

    Is it realy not …
    Is it realy not possible without cfw get downloaded games on your psp ??

    And must your psp have built for cfw or hacked?
    or can you download cfw , clear and than play downloaded games?

    How do you com at the Map ISO ??\


  • 0rangelion

    send me a private …
    send me a private message if you need the password.

  • 0rangelion

    send me a private …
    send me a private message if you need the password.

  • 0rangelion

    make sure you have …
    make sure you have CFW 3.90 M33 or higher

  • 0rangelion

    but it …

    but it should be for backup only….
    well most people use it for free games :)

  • MRmatthieu49

    i have 2 wait for 7 …
    i have 2 wait for 7 min

  • zetanbow16

    wats page name?
    wats page name?

  • EvilDaggerzx

    i dont understand …
    i dont understand what megaupload does…
    i waited 45sec > clicked free download > waited > nothing happended

  • theVanuals

    the websiste says u …
    the websiste says u have to delete the file from your computer in 24 hours….what happens if you don’t delet the file from your computer in 24 hours?

  • sabry789

    try putting in a …
    try putting in a umd then load it up

  • liltory15

    i download the game …
    i download the game and dideverything you said but its still not workin. its keep sayin game could not be started(80020321) wat should i do can anyone help???

  • Kokekiller1

    just enter the 3 …
    just enter the 3 letters that are givin to u there

  • Kokekiller1

    For Backup Purpose …
    For Backup Purpose Only ( DELETE THE FILES WITHIN 24 HOURS ) . What does that mean? what will happen if we dont delete the files in 224 hours?

  • barch118

    i ing hate …
    i ing hate custom firmware.

  • olivegreen41

    i need a password …
    i need a password to download the file

  • audioslaverockband

    easy to get this is …
    easy to get this is wat i would do either have someone else do it for u or u can do it urself

  • 0rangelion

    Explain in good …
    Explain in good English please.

  • evildudeofdoom

    what happens when you don’t delete a file within 24 hours?

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